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What does your headshot say about you?

Your headshot is often the first impression that you get to leave on a client. What does yours say about you?

The Struggle is Real

It is a huge struggle for me to be on the other side of a camera. I can guide clients, but feel awkward myself. My favorite headshot that one of our staff members captured of me, I am not looking at the camera. I feel like it captured everything about me in one snap. I am an extremely shy person when I am not pushing the buttons on a camera, but I just love to laugh! My goal when using this image is to show off both that awkward shyness and fun loving personality all at once.

Professional Portraits

I spent quite a bit of time having hair and make up done by one of our favorite stylists, selected clothing that I would wear any day to work, and had portraits taken outside at several location. We love to work with our clients to complete all of these tasks, from suggesting hair and make up artists, wardrobe consulting and even location scouting. At Spillman Studios, it is our goal to you make an impression on your profession. We truly want to work with you to help customize your professional portraits! E-mail to schedule your professional portrait session today!

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